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The following horses are consigned in the 2017 Sale. These horses range from ages 4 to 11. To see our 2014 horses that are in the sale, please go to the Sale 3 Year Olds. All horses are registered unless otherwise stated

(Sire x Dam's Sire) is listed in the front of each write-up.

LOT #1 MAPLE - 1999 Bay Mare (15.1 hh)

Maple is an old cutting horse that has seen a lot of cattle in her day. She is retired from cutting and has been used to give kids rides, pony other horses, and occasional need to do a little ranch work. She is a pretty bay mare and has no spook. She is the mother of Hickory, her only offspring, we enjoy Hickory so much we decided to bred her Have Some Cat and sell her as a bred mare for someone else to get a chance to get her and a colt.


LOT #3 ROCKET -- 2009 Black Gelding (15.2 hh)

Rocket is a big black, sharp profiling gelding that has been used for everything on the ranch. He is started really well in the heading and will make any header look good, just ask Jet. He is fast and very catty. He would make an outstanding barrel horse and is very level headed.


LOT #4 COMANCHE -- 2009 Paint Gelding (13.3 hh)

Comanche is a good looking black and white paint, he is good to be around and many novice riders have been on him. He has been used to give one grandkid a ride and pony the other one. He has done all ranch jobs and has a running walk on him, no laziness. Grandson of High Brow Cat. This is one horse that anyone can get along with.

Comanche PAPERS

LOT #2 SHAQ - 2009 Buckskin Gelding (16.1 hh)

We call him “Shaq” and he's a gentle giant! He is huge, a “lotta” horse, a standup guy with a powerful, deep shoulder and lots of dimension. A kind gelding with a big, kind eye, it’s amazing how well this horse can move for his size. He is started heading, and running to steers really well. Backed by the rodeo proven Lucky Blanton, Driftwood, Hancock lines, here’s an arena roperin the making and a future big-time pick-up horse! 


LOT #5 CAPTAIN -- 2009 Palomino (15.2 hh)

If you have some big county to cover, and are not interested in pedaling a horse all day, this is the fit for you. This horse can cover pasture all day long on a loose rein, and does it with a smooth stride and no complaints. He has drug calves to the fire, and he is started in the heading and on the barrels. He is soft, and works well off your feet.

Captain PAPERS

LOT #6 BABE -- 2010 Bay Mare (15.1)

Babe is a super cowy mare that is coming along really nice on the heading side, she would also make a nice calf horse. She is started on the barrels and has the pattern down and is ready for some speed, which she has lot of. She has done all ranch jobs and does them well. This is a mare that will make any job easy. She is a really balance mare with deep cinching.


LOT #7 SUSAN -- 2010 Brown Mare (15.1 hh)

Susan is one of Dad’s favorite. She has speed, brains, and ability, triple threat. Would make an excellent arena horse, already started in the heading. She makes sorting cows fun and easy, reads them before they know what they are going to do. She is a big mare that turns a lot of steers without any stress.


LOT #9 BLACK BETTY -- 2010 Brown Mare (15.2 hh)

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Black Betty PAPERS

LOT #8 JIMMIE -- 2010 Sorrel Gelding (13.2 hh) GRADE 

Jimmie is a neat little horse that anyone can get along with. He is easy to catch and friendly as they come. Turn him out in the fall and get on in the spring and he is the same good horse. He will watch a cow so he is handy to have in the corral.

LOT #15 DASHER -- 2011 Black Mare (15.1 hh)

“Dasher” is one of Joey’s favorites, and this is her go-to horse when a tough job is ahead. She is a real neat colored black roan that is exceptionally trainable. A very classy, nice profiling, refined mare, she’s smooth on the ride and willing to do whatever you ask. Her combination of cow and speed are very hard to find and even harder to beat. She has lots of arena potential! She is started on the barrels, in the heading and in the heeling. She has also been hauled to a few ranch rodeos, and has done very well.


LOT #16 NEWT -- 2011 Buckskin Gelding (15 hh)

Newt is as kind as they come. He is a well-built, smooth-traveling, gentle gelding that has been started in the heeling. He has drug many calves to the fire, and he is gentle enough that he could become a great kids’ horse.


LOT #10 ELLIE -- 2011 Sorrel Mare (14 hh)

This is a super gentle, nice mare that Josi bought in 2015. She is a little mare that anyone can ride and could make a really nice arena horse. Josi has roped some calves on her but has mostly been healing on her the last couple years. This mare has sorted pairs, dragged calves to the fire and done about everything on the Ranch you could ask a horse to do. Again this would make a nice horse for anybody of any age looking to go to the arena or just ride out from the barn to get a job done.


LOT #11 CLASSY -- 2011 Sorrel Mare (14.1 hh)

Classy is a quick quick mare, she is so fast on her feet it is simple amazing. Dad and she have made a good team, no one can keep up with them, they have put on many miles and she is one that he would like to keep around if he didn’t already have young horses needing attention. It should be his retirement horse, if he would retire, LOL. She is beautiful conformation mare. Her dam has produced some of our outstanding ranch horses. She would make a great calf horse.


LOT #12 JODI -- 2011 Sorrel Mare (14.3 hh)

Jodi is a mare Jacki bought at the last sale (2014), she is super cowy and quick. She has been rode a pile by herself and has no troubles being alone and rode all day. She has drug many calves to the fire and any other ranch job needed. Started heading, license to be a super cow horse.


LOT #13 PRETTY GIRL -- 2011 Black Mare (15 hh)

This mare is one of the nicest of the sale!! She is smooth to ride and gentle to everyone, Jet let me ride her while pregnant and also when the kids want to ride along, she has no spook, buck or meanness. She is nice to handle and is super cowy. Jet has used her in some ranch horse competitions and has hauled her in the heeling and she can get any job done. Would be amazing for anyone, she has a will to please. Here is a filly that goes back to Paddys Irish Whiskey who is well balanced and very good looking, will turn heads.

Pretty Girl PAPERS

LOT #14 COPPER -- 2011 Buckskin Gelding (15.1 hh)

Copper is a beautiful gelding that is hard walking, cowy, smooth and fun to ride. He is a tall horse that will turn heads. He doesn’t need to be pushed to move he is already going, always knows where his feet are. He would be able to cover a lot county in a little time. He is also started heading and can catch a steer fast.


LOT #28 PATRIOT -- 2012 Blue Roan Mare (14.2 hh)

“Patriot” is a well-bred, classy-looking, nice young mare. She was purchased from the Crago Ranch at the previous sale, and is coming along nice. She has drug many calves to the fire, and regardless of her stature, she pulls like any big horse. She is extremely cowy, and has been started in the heeling.

Patriot PAPERS

LOT #17 TEXAS -- 2012 Bay Gelding (16.1 hh)

This gelding received the name Texas based on his size, he is a big beautiful beast. He will go all day then be able to head steers all night. He has seen a lot of country and doesn’t miss a step. His mother is one of our great brood mares that has produced great horses year after year. Don’t want to miss out on this horse if you have big country to ride and need a powerful horse to get jobs done.


LOT #18 DAISY -- 2012 Brown Mare (15 hh)

Daisy is a real special deal, a beautiful balanced standout filly. She is an unbelievable cowy mare, we should have made a cutter out of her. Really fun to ride and has potential to be a horse for the whole family.


LOT #20 SAVAGE -- 2012 Sorrel Gelding (14.3 hh)

SAVAGE is a super nice gelding that has no spook, buck, or quirks. He is ready for anyone! He is a stout horse that has drug many calves to the fire and been used to tag countless calves during calving. He doesn’t shy from aggressive cows, just gets jobs done without fuss.


LOT #19 PISTOL -- 2012 Palomino Gelding (15 hh)

Pistol is a good looking gelding that has been used for every job on the ranch. He is well broke and gets along with everyone, horses and humans. He has been started roping in the arena and is really level headed.


LOT #22 HICKORY - 2012 Bay Mare (14.2 hh)

Here is a mare that is cute as a button. She is really friendly and good to be around. Has a lot of quickness and is low to the ground to make a wonderful break away and goat horse. If I was 15 years younger she would be my pick to rodeo off of. No spook or wildness with her. Her Dam is a retired cutting horse to numerous cuttings and qualified for state every time used.

Hickory PAPERS

LOT #21 SISTER -- 2012 Black Mare (14.3 hh)

Marvin is a pretty colored grey gelding that has seen a lot of miles and is shaping up to be a hell of a good horse. Hopefully by sale day we will have this big boy heading steers.


LOT #25 MAVERICK -- 2012 Brown Gelding (15.1 hh)

Maverick is a real big strong black gelding with a nice strip down his face. He is an athletic, cowy, showy, standout boy that will turn heads wherever he goes. Jet has put on a lot of miles and jobs on him. You won’t miss him at the sale; he has a lot of potential to be a great arena horse.

Maverick PAPERS

LOT #26 TRAVELER -- 2012 Bay Mare (15.3 hh)

Traveler is a big bay mare that has already earned her name, she can travel all day and night. She can play with the big boys and will take you to the pay window time and time again. She has no issues dragging big steers or calves to the fire. Full sister to Black Betty, a mare Josi purchased at out last sale.

Traveler PAPERS

LOT #23 ANGEL -- 2012 Palomino Mare (15.1 hh)

Angel is a real standout well balanced mare, Frenchman guy breed up. Jet has used her a lot and really likes riding her. She is heading steers. She is gentle mare that is fun to ride.


LOT #27 LITTLE BAY -- 2012 Bay Gelding (13.2 hh) GRADE

Little bay is a half pony half horse. He is the damnest neatest horse. He is a hard walking, athletic, cowy, and fun to ride. He is as close to a Little Red as there has ever been, for those that know who Little Red is. He has drug many calves to fire and can carry any size person. He will go all day!

LOT #30 SOCKS - 2013 Black Mare (15.2 hh)

Socks is a real athletic pretty filly that will turn heads. She comes from the Price cavvy, her Dam is a mare that has produced some of the best quickest ranch horses on this place. Her potential is endless!


LOT #32 P.I. - 2013 Bay Gelding (14.3 hh)

P.I. is a thick chestnut gelding. He will be an outstanding all around ranch horse. Very smart gentle athletic cowy horse. He is a full brother to one of our top selling horses in 2014, he has the ability to be just like him.


LOT #34 KITTEN -- 2013 Black Mare (14.3 hh)

Kitten is a solid black cute mare that is super cowy and athletic. Jet really enjoys this mare and has put on a lot of miles on her. She is heeling really nice and will be ready to rope calves anytime. No spook or meanness about her.


LOT #33 DRIFT -- 2013 Sorrel Mare (14.3 hh)

Drift is a nice sorrel mare that is out of one of our best broodmares, she always raises excellent ranch horses. Her Dam is no longer in our broodmare herd so she will be one of the last colts out of her, she might make an nice broodmare for someone after getting some good ranch work done.


LOT #29 ZIP -- 2013 Brown Mare (14.3 hh)

Zip is a full sister to the mare Sister, they are identical. Real good looking and has a lot of potential. JW should have her riding real well by sale day.


LOT #31 DISH -- 2013 Buckskin Gelding (15.2 hh)

Dish is one of nicest gelding of this age group, fun to ride and anyone can get along with. His first time dragging calves was unbelievable would of guessed he had been to ton of brandings. He is so level headed he is ready to start roping, will have him started heading steers by sale day. He is also super good looking and cowy.

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